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General Requirements To Perform Transformer Overhauling At Site Process

The term Overhauling refers to the basic inspection of each and every part of the equipment to rectify the abnormalities and bring back the equipment to its original condition. This process is extremely important to run complete hassle free and safe operation at the unit. It is different from regular preventive and breakdown maintenance because under this process, inspection is limited to crucial components which are prone to failure or have failed earlier.

To carry out transformer overhauling at site, complete technical details of the equipment need to be documented and the workforce involved in the overhauling should be competent enough to understand all basics and technical details pertaining to the equipment. Though the design of electrical equipment varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from time to time, you must have a standard checklist for inspection items or components during overhauling process.

General Requirements for Performing Overhauling Of Transformer at Site:

  1. Operation instructions and maintenance tips and manuals, as built interconnection/installation drawings and other documentation of the part are available.
  2. Detailed scheduling of all activities and resources requirements.
  3. Correct tools and instruments should be used during testing such as white spirits, tintless muslin cloth, solvents, etc. need to be available as per the requirement on the basis of instruction manual.
  4. Testing instruments should be used in right manner. Milli volt, motorized megger, HV testing kit, etc. are few instruments to name.
  5. Lifting facilities should be considered such as slings, overhead crane, etc.
  6. Scheduling and planning the jobs with other groups like mechanical to eliminate any kind of interference.
  7. Spares should be available such as gaskets, insulation varnishes, insulating materials, etc.
  8. Overhauling also requires jigs, fixtures and other devices.
These are the basic requirements to perform transformer overhauling at site and determine the faults and get them repaired to avoid sudden breakdown or failure of any component.
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